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Case Studies

Paston Effect

The Paston Effect article describes actual field conditions encountered during investigations of high humidity in residential and commercial structures and their direct effect on indoor relative humidities.  Uncontrolled air leakage and moisture migration into structures causes severe deterioration of building components as well as resulting in poor indoor comfort.

Click on the following link to view the full article: The Paston Effect

Hurricane Preparation

Preparations to minimize property damage are important.  Being able to quickly address damage and claims after the storm is critical.

Candle Soot

Black Soot  also know as “ghosting” or “carbon tracking” is the blackening of surfaces and carpets – why and how to resolve? How many candles does it take?

  • For more information, read BEC’s article:  Candle Soot

Dealing with a Mold CLAIM

The storm has hit- the damage is done- a case study of how to quickly get things repaired and everything documented for the insurance claim.