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Our Team

We surround every project with vibrant minds. We work with clients to navigate potential challenges and deliver viable solutions. Our experience allows us to regularly exceed client expectations. Meet our Team.

Ron Bailey, P.E

With over 40 years of experience, Ron is the founder and President of BEC. His wide experience and technical expertise has been instrumental in BEC's ability to provide clients with detailed evaluations of varying situations. Ron holds multiple licenses and certifications to meet various requirements and show proficiencies.

Ron Bailey's Resume

Hollace Bailey, P.E.

Holly has been the managing partner with BEC since the mid 80s. Her more than 30 years of experience has been instrumental in developing quality customer service & project management, as well as keeping up to date with technology changes in tools and software to assist in all technical areas. In addition to Holly’s multiple licenses and certifications, she helps inform others thru her book titled Fungal Contamination.

Hollace Bailey's Resume