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Fungal Contamination

Fungal Contamination: A Manual for Investigation, Remediation and Control

By Hollace J. Bailey

Sensationalized news stories and a wide range of guidelines have made mold growth in buildings a confusing issue. In response, Fungal Contamination: A Manual for Investigation, Remediation and Control provides access to reliable information and procedures by gathering together the key information on mold remediation in one easy-to-read book.
The book is designed to help mold remediation professionals provide a better service, by giving a solid introduction to the field and dispelling the misconceptions which abound. But, it also doubles as an impartial reference source for others working to control mold and for those affected by mold in their homes and workplaces – including facility managers, engineers, architects, building owners, and maintenance workers.

Written by a leading industry expert, the book contains solid practical advice in an easy-to-follow format. It also covers a wide range of technical issues in depth, including the health effects of mold, all aspects of mold assessment and remediation, and the steps needed to make sure that mold problems don’t resurface in the future.
The purpose of this book is to provide a working resource which contains a detailed overview of the information available on mold in occupied spaces, people’s reactions to it, and the methods of finding and removing it and of dealing with related mold issues. This should allow projects involving mold to be completed in a competent manner, based on information and procedures that are backed up by reliable scientific sources and peer accepted information. This work was specifically written to allow workers, laborers, builders, maintenance people, facility managers, and other who may have a minimal scientific background to gain the knowledge and understanding they need to address the investigation (assessment), remediation, and prevention or control of mold as part of their daily duties. For those who want to excel in a specific area, this book will both provide an introduction and point the reader towards the other resources that are available.

We hope that you find this book informative, easy-to-read and a valuable reference tool.