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Building Science

Building Science (known as Building Physics in Europe) is really a very old blend of science, craftsmanship and art. The science goes beyond the mathematical use of material parameters to calculate thermal or energy performance of buildings. It includes combining materials to take advantage of their natural thermal, moisture movement (hygric) and weathering properties to create building assemblies that will expand /contract and perform durably in the variations of climate that occur. This is the very beginning of creating sustainable buildings in any environment.


BEC provides post event troubleshooting and analysis to help clients understand the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY of building assembly or materials failures.

  • Building Assembly Failure /Performance Diagnostics
  • Remediation Plans and Oversight
  • Litigation Support / Expert Witness

Testing and Measurements

  • Water Testing of windows, doors, specialty architectural features and other parts of assemblies to determine actual performance and/or failure points and conditions
  • Building Pressurization Testing – internal pressure mapping, pressures within building assemblies, internal to external pressures, air leakage locations and quantities
  • Air Flow pathways determined and quantified
  • Thermal characterization of building assemblies- location of anomalies in insulating materials, heat loss or gain through air infiltration / exfiltration locations
  • Slab and flooring testing for finishing


BEC uses their combined knowledge of building science and HVAC system operation to help property owners minimize the possibility for moisture damage or mold.

  • Mold Loss Prevention (MLP) plans for use during construction or during occupancy
  • Preventative Building & System Review

Moisture & Water Intrusion

BEC is engaged in both PROACTIVE and REACTIVE consultation of building science issues that cause moisture and water intrusion, mold contamination, poor indoor air quality as well as energy waste.

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