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Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

What We Do

  • Evaluation of Applicability of HVAC system to the specifics of building use and needs
  • HVAC System Design Review
  • Troubleshooting System Operation
  • HVAC Performance Diagnostics
  • Litigation Support / Expert Witness

Testing and Measurements

When an existing building is not performing correctly, BEC believes the best place to start is with the building itself.  Information can be gained in a site visit that may never become evident in a multitude of documents.

BEC uses basic observation techniques as well as state of the art technology to gain valuable information in the field.  Feel, smell, visual and sound clues, as well as basic temperature and relative humidity readings are the start.  Then, as needed, BEC uses Infrared technology, data logging, Heat Load Calculations, vapor transmission calculations, glass solar property measurements, and HVAC system performance parameter measurements.

HVAC Methodology

BEC is a licensed engineering firm in the State of Florida.  In its professional engineering capacity, BEC goes back to the basics: evaluating the conditions needed in the indoor space for either occupants or processes & understanding the owner’s priorities including indoor conditions, maintenance staff requirements, operational costs, first cost and redundancy among others.

Then, BEC uses its many years of experience to apply the basic evaluation methods and application realities to the specifics of the situation – knowing that if the basic calculations are based on improper information, then the results will misdirect the entire design.

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